2023 Q3 Newsletter

October 5, 2023
Translation: Present and Future

Artificial Intelligence (AI) will displace 300 million jobs, according to a report by an investment bank. Whether this prediction comes true remains to be seen, but there is no denying that the translation industry has taken the brunt.

Key Challenges in Medical Translation

Medical translation plays a crucial role in communicating medical knowledge and information and promoting and sustaining public health.

Health professional can provide necessary treatment to their patients who speak another language with the help of translated medical reports, while medical researchers’ efforts in disseminating findings on treatment, technology and vaccine development can escalate through translation.

Website localization: why is it important?

With over 2 billion online shoppers in the globe for products and services, website localization seems to be more important than ever if a business aims to grow and tap into new markets. Through localization, businesses can reach wider audience and attract countless new customers.

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