Website localization: why is it important?

September 29, 2023

With over 2 billion online shoppers in the globe for products and services, website localization seems to be more important than ever if a business aims to grow and tap into new markets. Through localization, businesses can reach wider audience and attract countless new customers.

What is website localization?

Website localization is the process of refining and adapting the content of an existing website to be accessible, usable and culturally suitable to a regional market. Let’s say there is an online store that serves US customers wants to expand into Mainland China. The company may start by translating the website to Chinese. However, their efforts should not stop there. If Malaysia, Taiwan or Hong Kong-based users have the choice of buying from a local online platform or an international website that has Chinese version but does not adapt to their shopping needs, they probably would choose the local one. The local websites can accommodate their specific preferences or needs including shipping options, payment methods, customer support channels in local languages, which elevates the shopping experience of the customers.

Translation and Localization: How are they different?

Translating a website is arguably a straightforward process that involves only presenting the content of the website, including the menus and buttons, in different languages.

While you can fully translate a website in perhaps a considerably short period, there is no guarantee that it is adequately localized. Localization is more than just word to word translation and requires a deep understanding and comprehensive glossary database of a translation house on the target region.

The benefits of website localization

Build credibility

The first requirement  of a successful international business is to build credibility among your customers. Customers will value your efforts to cater to their needs in their native language and culture. Giving them a pleasant experience interacting with your brand will gain customer loyalty!

Stronger brand consistency

Localizing websites for regional markets help you gain full control of your message, hence delivering a stable and consistent brand image across markets without risking miscommunication of your corporate message. Taking into cultural nuances and preferences of each market, localization can ensure brand consistency and enhance brand image.

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