“Cloud Annual Party” 2022 of INTLINGO – Mainland Company Successfully Ended

January 13, 2023

2022 marks the third year since the outbreak of the pandemic. Over the years, our colleagues stood united in the difficult fight against COVID-19. As we enter 2023, we are looking forward to turning over a new leaf in the new year with high team spirits.

Given that our mainland subsidiaries are located in different cities, we organised the annual party 2022 through online broadcast to allow all our colleagues to gather and celebrate the festive season after long period of separation due to the pandemic. On the afternoon of 13 January 2023, colleagues in Shenzhen, Wuhan and Foshan offices and working at home all participated in the unique “Cloud Annual Party” via video live meeting to greet the new year.

Mr. Lam, CEO of INTLINGO, made a new year speech introducing the management team of the mainland companies and new members to the management team, as well as the implementation of the share incentive plan. He hopes that the mainland management team will give full play to their respective strengths in the coming year and make concerted efforts in reaching new heights and creating a better future for the Company.

The management of the mainland companies reported their work summary. The Management specially recognized the staff with outstanding performance in 2022 and suggested that all staff should grasp every opportunity to communicate and pay attention to details. A talent pipeline will also be built to enhance professionalism.

In his concluding remarks, Mr. Yang, the Chairman, highlighted the spirit of the mainland management team, and called on colleagues to learn from its excellent attributes. He said that the Company will continue to select and invite outstanding staff to join the management in 2023, hoping that the number of employee shareholders will continue to grow, and that everyone will work together to run and own our common business. With a clear future development direction of INTLINGO, we work together for  the next chapter of development and will fight for a better tomorrow with relentless effort.

The 2022 Long Service Awards were presented in the following session. There were totally 26 colleagues being awarded for their long service, including 5 colleagues of 3 years of service, 8 colleagues of 5 years of service, 3 colleagues of 8 years of service, 4 colleagues of 10 years of service, 4 colleagues of 13 years of service, 1 colleague of 18 years of service and 1 colleague of 20 years of service. Each awardee was presented with a certificate of the Long Service Award.

The lucky draw has always been a special feature of our annual party. All colleagues participated in the draw and were happy with their lucky gifts. The whole annual party ended with a storm of joy, applause and cheers, showing the dynamic, positive, united and enterprising spirit of the staff of the INTLINGO Group.

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