Our History

Where Seamless Multilingual Communications Begin…

The INTLINGO Group has a long history where its first subsidiary can be traced back to 1997. Through an amalgamation of four well-established translation houses in 2017, our group was formed to provide stronger capacities and capabilities with distinctive strengths and more extensive experience. Leveraging the supports from our four subsidiaries in the mainland specializing in financial and legal translation and a rich talent pool, we are capable of offering a full gamut of multilingual translation and communication-related services.

Upon the transformative amalgamation, we have renewed our commitment to redefining the industry landscape. Combining specialized expertise with service excellence, we provide a one-stop solution customized to the needs of customers in virtually any linguistic project.

At the core of our service philosophy, it is our time-honored mission to connect people and build bridges throughout the world via highly professional translation and customized communications.

At IntLingo (HK), versatility is the name of the game as we provide one-stop language solutions to meet the most wide-ranging communication needs. Our strengths cover the following specialized areas of translation…

What sets Diners apart from the pack is an undivided focus on and unrivalled expertise in the highly specialized area of legal translation. Our strengths cover : Contracts / Agreements…

GFS takes pride in its extensive experience and strong expertise in highly sophisticated corporate and marketing literature, with a quality standard well-recognized by leading corporations in Hong Kong and elsewhere…


HK Legal is best recognized for its commitment to providing comprehensive language services catering especially to the legal and financial sectors…

INTLINGO was founded by our Chairman Simon Young in Shenzhen in 1997. With exceptional translation quality and caring customer service, the company gradually stood out from its rivals in the Hong Kong and South China markets …

Our Contacts

  • Diners Professional Translation Services Limited
    +852 2545 2227  diners@diners.com.hk
  • Hong Kong Legal Translation Limited
    +852 2370 2038  cs@hklegaltranslation.com

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