Why Choose Us?

Seamless language solution at your disposal
Enjoy total peace of mind with INTLINGO’s one-stop language and communication solution. The solution is built upon our in-depth industry knowledge, professional experience and our commitment to providing our clients with the best value in both translation quality and customer services. From preparation to post-project support, the entire production process is overseen by our experienced project managers who are dedicated to your account and familiar with your project requirements.

Our Workflow

All projects are treated with utmost confidentiality. A dedicated project manager oversees the entire progress, which incorporates sophisticated technological tools and well-organized workflow for efficient delivery. The final product is meticulously checked and re-checked for superior quality, consistency, and accuracy.


We provide a turn-key package service to suit the needs of our clients:

  • We develop clearly defined requirements, including the scope, timing and format of deliverables, leading to a proposed production timeline for client approval.
  • We build and maintain client-specific glossaries of reoccurring words/ phrases/ terms for review and approval by our clients.
  • Our in-house linguists are expert in using various translation memory applications that help control consistency, text reuse and turnaround time as work volume increases.
  • All projects are treated in the strictest confidence, with the most efficient tools and processes selected to expedite the production.

Translation, Editing & Proofreading

Once the preparation and set-up are completed, we will proceed with our three-step quality assurance process, i.e. translation, editing and proofreading:

  • We use native-speaking translators who have met our standards and have experience in the subject matter. Many of our linguists are accredited and certified by industry associations.
  • Every translation will be carefully reviewed by our senior editors to check for accuracy, consistency and style.
  • Further proofreading will be performed by our quality assurance team to catch any objective errors as well as format and visual glitches.

Post-Production Processing

  • Following our three-step quality assurance process, our project managers and QA specialists will give a final look at the deliverables in the post-production stage to ensure both the contents and format are in line with our client’s expectations.
  • As the meticulously checked files are set for delivery, we will also incorporate contents of the latest project into the clients’ glossary and translation memory to make sure our client-specific language database is always up to date and up to standard.

Desktop Publishing & Proofreading

  • If desktop publishing is desired, our DTP team can place the translated text into a target file and create a native application file such as InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, QuarkXpress, etc. PDF files will be generated for review and proofing.
  • When the source file format is in PDF, PowerPoint or MS Word, our DTP team will ensure that the translated version resembles the original version as closely as possible.
  • Post-layout proofreading process will be performed by our native speaking proofreader to ensure no errors will be introduced during the typesetting stage.
  • Once the final layout is signed off by our clients, high resolution PDF file will be provided in accordance to the print specification.
  • If printing is needed, we can arrange and coordinate the printing process with our printing partners.

Client Review

  • We actively engage reviewers on the client side during and after the production process to ensure our translations are tailored to their preferences and modified to reflect updates in the source materials.
  • With reference to the client reviewer’s feedback or revision changes, we will update our glossary and translation memory in a timely manner.
  • Review meetings or conference calls can be set up with our clients for effective communication and seamless collaboration in future projects.

Our Contacts

  • Diners Professional Translation Services Limited
    +852 2545 2227  diners@diners.com.hk
  • Hong Kong Legal Translation Limited
    +852 2370 2038  cs@hklegaltranslation.com

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