IntLingo (Hong Kong) Limited


近二十年来,IntLingo (HK) 一直是客户的首选语言合作伙伴财富500强企业、各大银行金融机构、律师事务所、保险公司、科技公司和政府机构。



Excelling in financial and other translations that we can deliver on tight schedules and with good quality, we offer a full range of linguistic solutions for multilingual communication

What We Do Best

At IntLingo (HK), versatility is the name of the game as we provide one-stop language solutions to meet the most wide-ranging communication needs. Our strengths cover the following specialized areas of translation.

  • Financial and corporate documents
    • IPO prospectuses
    • Annual and interim reports
    • Depository receipt documentation
    • Fact sheets
    • Financial statements
    • Investor/Shareholder communications
    • M&A documents
    • Private placement memoranda
    • Proxy statements
  • Legal documents
  • Technical documents
  • Marketing materials
  • Localization
  • Editing/Proofreading
  • Interpretation service (Consecutive/Simultaneous)


Our Contacts

  • 国际语源 (香港) 有限公司

    地址:香港九龙长沙湾永康街63号Global Gateway Tower23楼2306室

  • 电话:+852 2690 2123
  • 传真:+852 3020 9738
  • 电子邮件:hongkong@intlingo.com

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