2023 Q2 Newsletter

June 30, 2023
Message from the CEO

We extend warm greetings to all of you and welcome you to the latest edition of our e-newsletter. Time has swiftly passed, and we find ourselves already in the second quarter of the year. The beginning of the year has been quite eventful for our company, with numerous exciting projects in progress.

During the first quarter, the reopening of the border between Hong Kong and the mainland has brought about a gradual resumption and normalization of business activities in both regions. Taking advantage of the improving business climate, we have witnessed a growing demand for translation services. To meet the communication needs of our clients, INTLINGO has devised plans to expand our workforce and leverage cutting-edge technology to enhance our language solutions.

We deeply appreciate your unwavering support, and we sincerely hope that you find this edition of our e-newsletter enjoyable. Within its pages, you will find valuable insights into the translation of corporate communication and the art of transcreation.

Thank you once again, and happy reading!

What kind of corporate communications materials should be translated
AI Chatbot smart digital customer service application concept.

Corporate communications is the way in which a company communicates with its stakeholders, such as employees, customers, shareholders, the media, and the public. It can cover a wide range of activities, including public relations, marketing, advertising, internal communications, and crisis management.

The Role of Project Managers in Translations

If someone mentions translation, you may immediately think of translators and editors. They undoubtedly play a significant role in the translation process. However, there is one crucial party whose significance cannot be overlooked. They are project managers.

Specialist Spotlight: Corporate Communications Translation

With globalization being an ever-growing phenomenon, companies are increasingly trying to connect with global markets and stakeholders. This requires translation services to ensure that the content communicated can be understood by the target audiences in different countries and regions, helping companies to reach different markets more efficiently and dynamically.

Transcreation vs Translation: 4 Key Differences

Transcreation is a word coined from translation and creation. It is a specialised form of translation that goes beyond word-to-word translation which simply converts the text from one language to another.

Corporate News

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