The Role of Project Managers in Translations

April 6, 2023

If someone mentions translation, you may immediately think of translators and editors. They undoubtedly play a significant role in the translation process. However, there is one crucial party whose significance cannot be overlooked. They are project managers.

What do project managers do

Project managers are responsible for understanding the needs of clients, creating an appropriate project plan and providing advice and guidance on how best to approach translation. They also need to communicate effectively with clients so that their needs are met. It is also important for project managers to identify any potential risks or challenges and provide solutions before they become problems.

Project managers need to manage the entire translation process from start to finish. This includes developing a timeline and budget that takes into account all of client’s requirements. They will also need to establish clear roles and responsibilities for all parties involved in the project (i.e., translators, reviewers, and editors) as well as decide what tools to use in the translation. Besides monitoring progress on an ongoing basis so as to make adjustments as necessary and ensuring quality standards are met by each member of the team, they may also need to monitor feedback from clients regarding their satisfaction with translations.

Qualities project managers should possess

1.      Strong communication skills: Communication is key when it comes to managing translation projects. A good project manager should be able to communicate clearly and effectively with both clients and team members.

2.      Attention to detail: Project managers must be detail-oriented and have the ability to communicate particulars and nuances in client’s instructions and translator’s feedback alike.

3.      Time and budget management skills: Managing multiple projects at the same time requires excellent time management skills to ensure projects are completed on time and within budget.

4.      Technical proficiency: Project managers should be proficient in project management tools and software, as well as be able to handle different file formats such as .txt, .pdf, .doc, and .xml.

5.      Strong leadership skills: A good project manager should be able to lead their team to success, providing guidance, direction, and motivation as needed.

6.      Problem-solving skills: When things go wrong, project managers should be able to use their ingenuity and experience to identify and solve problems.

7.      Analytical thinking: A good project manager should be able to analyze data and metrics to identify areas for improvement or to measure the success of a project.

8.      Knowledge of the translation industry: Project managers should have a good understanding of the translation industry, including its best practices, standards, and emerging trends.

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