2023 Q1 Newsletter

April 3, 2023
Message from the CEO

As we look back at the first quarter of 2023 which is also the peak season of our industry, all of our colleagues, be they from translation or project management teams, have worked their fingers to the bone to deliver quality services. Apart from thanking their dedication in work, we would also like to express our gratitude to our clients who have put their trust and confidence in us during the reporting period, when everyone was in a rush.

The year has started with China, which has spent 1,016 days closed to the outside world, opening its borders on the eighth day and the easing of quarantine measures in our society. The removal of most pandemic curbs and the reopening are likely to stimulate economic activities, shining rays of hope on the local as well as the world economy. The outlook is encouraging, and INTLINGO will certainly not let go of the opportunities that arise from the upturn. We remain committed to providing reliable language services and will continue to gear up our staff by organizing different trainings, preparing them for the future development of the Company.

Specialist Spotlight: Tips for Translating Financial Documentations During Reporting Period
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The beginning of the year is the busiest time for us in INTLINGO; every January to March, we have to take on the translation of annual reports (ARs) and related documentations for numerous listed companies.

Is Machine Translation ready for Financial Documents?
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It is often tempting to rely on machine translation when it comes to financial documents, especially for large corporations and listed companies. Afterall, the documents and paperwork required to list and maintain a listed company are considerable.

Everything You Need to Know about Subtitling
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With the amount of time people spend watching videos growing rapidly, subtitles are increasing in importance to viewers.

Corporate News

Global markets are finally showing signs of recovery after years in the doldrums. Although all sectors are starting to rebound, it takes time to return towards pre-pandemic levels. INTLINGO continues to be trusted and engaged by clients to handle translation of IPOs, annual reports, announcements, ESG reports and different types of financial and legal documents during the pandemic.

Even the economy is likely to face significant headwinds, we have prepared for a market recovery by upgrading our tools and systems, as well as providing trainings to develop staff competence so as to render professional language services to our clients during the reporting period. We also prepared special gifts to our incredible female colleagues in March to celebrate the International Women’s Day.

We started the year 2023 with hopes and high team spirits. When the pandemics end and the society gradually recovers, a bright future will be ahead of us.

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