October 14, 2022

Here are some of the questions we frequently receive from our clients.

1. How is the price calculated?

Different fees apply to different projects. The language pairs, subject matter, volume, deadline and file format are the key factors we consider when preparing a quote for clients. If clients give us limited time to complete their tasks, the cost will be higher because we may have to work overtime or on the weekend to get the job done. The price will also be higher if the content is more difficult and complicated, such as if it involves a lot of terminologies or a specialised field of knowledge. The cost may be lower if the source file is in decent format, such as a Word document. The cost goes higher if the source has a lot of pictures and illegible handwriting because it takes longer to format the file and translators may have to spend time deciphering the writing.

2. Do you work with native speakers?

Yes, our linguists are either native speakers of the target language or have a high level of proficiency in it. All our linguists have a bachelor’s or master’s degree in translation, linguistics or language studies from a recognised institution of higher education.

3. Do you use machine translation?

No, we provide human translation only. However, we use professional computer-assisted translation (CAT) tools like Trados to create translation memories for specific clients or industries, which can make it simpler for us to refer to previous translations;  thus improves speed and ensures higher consistency and quality.

4. How do we find references for translation?

Clients will be asked to send us any relevant reference materials and glossaries (if any). We will also take reference from their official website, reports, and any other useful materials. Additionally, references to trustworthy and reliable sources like government publications, government databases, etc., will be made.

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