INTLINGO’s Workflow

June 14, 2022

We have a standardised translation workflow in place to ensure the quality of our deliverables for each project is always up to standard and meet clients’ expectations.

Pre-Translation Processes

Once we receive a file for translation from a client, our Project Management (PM) team will analyse it and look for references from our internal database and other resources to decide what tools best suit the project. Basing on their research, they will compile a style guide, including a glossary where appropriate, for those involved to follow. Every project is initiated this way to ensure quality and time requirements are met throughout its lifecycle.

When the project is then passed to qualified linguists for the next stage, our PM team will remain the point of contact between our client and linguists to effectively communicate the client’s expectations.

Translation & Quality Assurance

As our translators begin their work, the style guide prepared by the PM team will be carefully followed. For a large project that is typically divided among several translators , they will also work closely together to ensure consistency. Any new terms considered appropriate will be entered into the glossary. After a draft translation is finished, it will be handed over to an editor for review and polishing.

Following that, it is the time for our typesetting team to put the text into a format and layout matching the source file. Whether it is text alignment, font types and size, spacing or others, everything will be organised so that the file will be ready for use by the client shortly.

As the last step, our proofreaders will take a final review of the document for quality assurance to make sure the content is free of typographical, grammatical, spelling, punctuation, syntactic and other mistakes. Assuring everything is in order, they will sign off the document for delivery to the client.

Post-Delivery Process

In case of any feedback on our work, the client can inform our PM team, who will communicate it to our editor for review. This is a stage where the client can engage with our editor in a constructive dialogue and fine-tune the work to best suit their needs. We welcome the client’s insights as they are vital for building and maintaining a long-term business relationship.

Our Contacts

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