‘Gift Packs’ to Cheer up Our Colleagues under the Epidemic

March 28, 2022

Since the fifth wave of the COVID-19 outbreak in Hong Kong, the number of confirmed cases surged every day, repeatedly hitting record highs. There has also been a shortage of epidemic-prevention supplies. In order to ensure office safety, in addition to arranging colleagues to work from home on a rotational basis, extensive cleaning and disinfection work were conducted regularly to enhance indoor hygiene. Under the special circumstances, the Company has introduced a flexible sick leave policy and has issued special notices from time to time to inform colleagues of new epidemic prevention measures and other matters. To prevent our colleagues from being physically and psychologically exhausted by struggling to purchase supplies as well as increasing the risk of infection, the Company has distributed “epidemic prevention gift packs”, providing our colleagues with some epidemic prevention supplies.

Although it is beyond our power to fully protect everyone’s health, the thoughtful arrangements and the care and concern shown by the gift bags are believed to be able to bring warmth and positive energy to our colleagues.

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