Gearing up Staff through Diversified Trainings

September 20, 2022

The market environment is closely related to the future of the translation industry, especially when the epidemic has had an enormous influence on the industry. To better respond to the changes and opportunities in the translation market, INTLINGO organised a series of in-house training seminars over the past three months to equip its staff with the ability to embrace new challenges.

The training sessions covered a wide range of topics related to our businesses. The first seminar was delivered by the Group’s Chief Operating Officer and Business Development Director, who introduced the development trend of the financial translation and printing industry; while the subsequent seminars were delivered by experts from different departments with relevant experience, covering the application of translation software and machine translation, customer service and project management skills, designing tools, leadership skills training and more. It is hoped that the all-round trainings and seminars provided to our colleagues will not only enhance their capabilities and service quality, but also prepare them for the future development of the Company.

All of our seminars were conducted in hybrid mode, allowing colleagues of different locations and regions, as well as those working from home remotely to participate in the seminars, which is a demonstration of our capability to maintain the best working condition in the new epidemic environment.

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