2023 Q4 Newsletter

December 27, 2023

As the year comes to a close, we appreciate our dedication in grappling with this year of uncertainty with your unwavering support along the way.

This year has been challenging, as the post-pandemic economic recovery has only just started to unfold. Despite this, we are proud to have risen to the occasion, providing uninterrupted services and maintaining our commitment to excellence as we continued to break down linguistic barriers and facilitate effective communication.

During this year of stock market downturn, sluggish IPO market and economic activities, your partnership with us has shown your trust to us and help us weather these challenging times, and we are immensely grateful to have been a part of your business development.

The partnership between us is especially important to both of us when wrestling with economic uncertainty for the year to come. Our proven quality service may help enhance your effective communication with target customers of overseas or Hong Kong/ mainland China market.

May the coming year bring you prosperity and promising opportunities. We are always on your side to meet your language needs.

Back Translation: A Useful Quality Assurance Tool

Back translation, also known as reverse translation, is the process of re-translating the translated content back into the initial source language. For example, a Korean translation of an English document is translated back into English, i.e. EN>KR>EN. Back translation is used as a quality control measure to ensure the translation is completely accurate. Translators can ultimately compare the two versions of the document in the source language to spot differences, guarding against potentially lethal mistakes in the rendition.

Why is Business Transcription Service Important?
Young woman with microphone recording voice acting

Technology has transformed how people communicate with one another, especially in business settings. Today, businesses convey their messages and objectives and interact with their stakeholders through different audio and video mediums, such as conference calls and webinars. While businesses are required to keep an accurate account of their communications for commercial and legal purposes, traditional note-taking practices we relied in the past may no longer be sufficient. This is how business transcription services come into play.

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