HK-SZ-WH Operations Exchange Seminars and Demos

November 11-13, 2019

With in-house linguists and technical specialists based across Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Wuhan, INTLINGO fully recognizes the importance to keep everyone on the same page through ongoing engagement. In November, our staff from all three locations took part in a series of webinars across three days to explore and exchange ideas on a wide range of operational topics:
Topics of our exchange sessions:

  • How to take advantage of CAT translation software to facilitate production processes
  • Overcoming the challenges of a three-location operation – a quest for higher efficiency and quality
  • Standardizing administrative and project management with new Intranet portal
  • How can technologies integrate processes and equipment at three cities, and bring about higher production efficiencies
  • Common pain points in the collaboration of the operations and customer service teams
  • Identifying the strengths of linguists at three locations and a way to build an effective platform for exchange and training

Subjects of our demonstration sessions:

  • Handy tips for SDL Studio
  • Putting automatic quality assurance in practice
  • Useful pre-processing tricks in CAT processes
  • Heartsome and Xbench demonstration

The intensive seminars not only helped align our teams’ technical know-how and professional standards – which are key for our delivery of top-notch solutions – but also brought our teams across three cities closer through the inspiring and fruitful conversation.


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  • Hong Kong Legal Translation Limited
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