Leveraging Computer-Aided Translation (CAT) Systems for exceptional service delivery

May 26, 2020
For years, INTLINGO Group has delivered excellent translation services to our clients. With an ever-expanding vocabulary and fast-evolving market information nowadays, however, we always face an inevitable challenge to maintain the professional standard. Equipped with years of extensive experience, we’ve been making great use of cutting-edge technologies to keep up the excellent quality standards of our professional translation service.

Enabled by CAT tools, we’ve been building and updating dedicated Translation Memories and Termbase for our regular clients through day-to-day contributions of industry expertise and vocabulary preferences. The database helps align industry-specific jargon and writing style to fulfill our clients’ requirements for coherence. Besides, we’ve also built Translation Memories for different industries and document types, as such even standalone translation projects can also benefit from our database of well-established translation expertise and meet the prevailing standards of various sectors.

Following an analysis and pre-translation of the source document – processes that are powered by our CAT applications – our translation team will begin to translate and edit the work. Once the translation has been vetted and cleared for delivery, it will be imported into our existing Translation Memories and Termbase to keep the database up-to-date for use in future projects. Our translation team values every project and strives to achieve coherence and high standards by scrutinizing the source text word by word. As such, every completed project adds to the strength of our Translation Memories – with over one million segments and counting, the database is a testimony of the outstanding achievement of our translation team.

INTLINGO Group has also developed a set of in-house quality assurance tools to ensure the accuracy of our deliverables. Works reviewed by editors will go through additional proofreading before delivering to clients with a focus on meticulous details such as figures, formatting, punctuation as well as conversion between Simplified and Traditional Chinese characters, eliminating errors that would otherwise be easy to overlook.

Optimized use of CAT tools also has the advantage of bolstering the internal training for junior translators. Through the assistance of Translation Memories, less-experienced translators can still quickly get hold of the clients’ industry, background and job requirements, thus avoid discrepancies in wordings and styles. CAT tools, which help new colleagues to adapt swiftly to the working environment, enhance language skills and fulfil clients’ requirements, are important to the professional training at INTLINGO Group.

To find out more about the technologies and our solutions, please visit our website at www.intlingogroup.com or contact our Business Development Department or Customer Service Department.

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