Hong Kong Team Annual Dinner 2020

January 15, 2020

Following the teams in Shenzhen and Wuhan, our Hong Kong team also hosted their annual dinner to embrace another year of robust business.

The Group’s Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director Wallace Lam shared the joy of the team at the head table. Despite all the turbulences Hong Kong had weathered in 2019, Wallace affirmed the Group’s pursuit for growth and excellence in his speech with the announcement of a new sales office in Beijing to bolster access to high-value customers. A new staff incentive scheme is also due to roll out.

“We hope that everyone will strive to achieve outstanding results in 2020, so that we can all celebrate a great harvest at next year’s annual dinner,” added Wallace.

Fan Lee, the Group’s Chief Operating Officer, took the opportunity to thank the team for their dedication and achievements in the past year. Recounting an “unforgettable” year of challenges, Fan also highlighted how the new ventures into desktop printing and other language solutions are shaping a promising future.

After the management honored outstanding team members with service awards and promotion, everyone dove into the buffet delicacies prepared by The Royal Garden Hotel.

Apart from the highly anticipated lucky draw, the Hong Kong team members also put their language excellence to the test in a trilingual version of Chinese whispers, a Hearing Things game with a local flair, as well as a fast-moving sentence building contest.

The gratifying entertainment lineup would not be complete without the customer service team’s interactive improv drama and a musical performance by one of our talented CAT team members.

As the curtain falls on this year’s feast and amusement against the backdrop of an ebullient burst of Karaoke, the Hong Kong team has its spirit lifted to gear up for the challenges and opportunities ahead in 2020.

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