Transcreation Workshop

December 17, 2021

Our Company always believes that people is the most valuable asset for itself, therefore we regularly organise various trainings catering to our staff needs in a bid to enhance their professional skills and enable them to embrace challenging work with more confidence.

This time we had the honour to invite our language consultant to host a workshop on “Transcreation” for our in-house translation team. Transcreation, as the name suggests, is the process of merging creation and translation. Translators need to be creative and imaginative in order to convey the full and accurate message of the original text in a way that fits the target language’s style, tone and culture.

At the workshop, our language consultant shared with colleagues some of his transcreation tips, and highlighted issues that require more attention through different examples and exercises. Our colleagues have benefited a great deal from it and look forward to the next workshop.

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