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Hong Kong Legal Translation (HK Legal) is dedicated to providing comprehensive language services to the legal and financial sectors. Founded by a team of dynamic professionals with years of experience in legal translation, HK Legal delivers top-notch language solutions at affordable prices.

A key driving force of HK Legal is an unyielding commitment to quick turnaround time without compromising translation quality and integrity. We boast a growing client base from across the world and a track record of professional excellence as we rise to the challenge of the ever-evolving legal translation industry.

HK Legal also provides various levels of service required for legalizing translation works, depending on the nature of the documents and the particular purposes they serve. We offer cost-competitive certified translation packages that enhance a document’s legal authority and standing.

What We Do Best

HK Legal is best recognized for its commitment to providing comprehensive language services catering especially to the legal and financial sectors. Building on a name for professional excellence, our legal translation services cover:

  • Multilingual translations
    • Court summons
    • Contracts
    • Insurance claims
  • Certified translation services
    • Sworn translation
    • Declaration
    • Apostille
    • Notarized translations
  • Document review
  • Transcription
  • Interpretation

Our Contacts

  • 香港法律翻译有限公司

    地址:香港九龙长沙湾永康街 63 号Global Gateway Tower23 楼 2306 室

  • 电话:+852 2370 2038
  • 传真:+852 3020 6468
  • 电子邮件:cs@hklegaltranslation.com

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